Jack risk assessment 19-20


Happy birthday to Jack! He turned 2 years old on April the 21st. He had a lovely day, with lots of ectra treats and a birthday cake.

Jack – Our School Therapy Dog.

October 2019

Jack is settling well into his new classroom in KS2. He still enjoys playing with the children in the KS1 yard everyday, as it is smaller and quieter for him there. He loves playing with his ball and all the children take turns to walk him with supervision from Mrs Hoy-Taylor and Miss Dunakey.

He is spending short amounts of time on KS2 yard too, with Miss Readman, to try to build his confidence in the larger and busier playground. He is getting much braver now.

September 2019

Jack has had a lovely Summer holiday, but was ready to come back to school. He had missed all of his friends so much.

(Early Days – September 2018)

We were really happy to welcome Jack to our school in October. He loves his visits to school and enjoys all the treats he gets when he works with the children.

Jack Christmas Visit (December 2018)

Jack visited school on Wednesday and Thursday this week to say thank you for all his cards and gifts. He thinks you are very kind and so generous. He wanted to wish everybody a very Merry Christmas and is looking forward to seeing you all in 2019.

Jack back at School (January 2019)

Jack has enjoyed being back at school this week. He has had lots of fun working with small groups, supporting and playing and making some lovely friendships. Even Mr McTiernan played with him and took him for a run!

Jack Visits Year 6 (February 2019)

Jack has been learning so much in our Year 6 SATs preparation classes. His calming influence has helped Year 6 as they get ready for May.

Jack worked in Year 6 on Monday helping to create a calm atmosphere during our SATs practise paper.

Jack has really enjoyed working in Year 6 this week. Children explained concepts to him and he listened very carefully.

Jack Visits Year (March 2019)

Jack enjoyed helping the Year 5 children with their fractions today. He tried very hard to understand the tricky work but it was a little too hard for him. Some Year 5 children then took him outside to learn how to give commands and walk him responsibly. As a treat he got to chase after his ball – his most favourite thing to do.

Jack Listening to a Story (March 2019)