Welcome to our Reception class page! Here you can find out about what we are learning, important events and what Early Years is all about.

Early Years Foundation Stage Leader: Mrs McGuinness

Teachers: Mrs McGuinness and Miss Lees.

 Teaching Assistants: Mrs Butterworth, Mrs Brady and Mrs Tranter.


In St Edward’s Primary School we believe that children learn best when they are happy, feel safe and are given rich and purposeful learning opportunities. Our children develop their learning through enabling environments both in the indoors and outdoor areas. The children build on what they already know and what they can already do through first hand experiences and appropriate planning, which focus’ on our children’s interests. Teachers in the Early Years support and scaffold children’s learning by a balance of teacher-led and child-initiated activities. Children in St Edward’s school therefore learn about the world around them, become independent learners and develop their thinking and communication skills. The link below will take you to an overview of our long-term plan for 2019-2020. Please note that the planning is subject to change due to the interests of our cohort.

EYFS Intent, Implementation and Impact

EYFS Long Term Plan 2020/2021



Water Bottles

Please send your child with a water bottle to use in class, clearly marked with their name (Water only please). The water bottles will remain in school until the end of the week. We will fill your child’s bottle up every morning and empty it every evening.

PE lessons

Please make sure your child has the two correct PE kits (indoor & outdoor) in school at the start of the school week. These should then be taken home each weekend. We stress the importance of labelling all items of your children’s clothes and shoes clearly with their name. Please encourage your child to practice getting dressed and undressed independently at home.

Both Reception classes have P.E on a Monday and Wednesday (sometimes P.E days are swapped for various reasons, so please ensure your child’s P.E. kit is in from Monday).

Keeping in contact in Reception

Tapestry Letter To Parents





Letters & Sounds Homework: please practise the letter sounds that we are covering each week as often as possible. We will inform you of the letter sounds covered each week in the Friday newsletter. Children are encouraged to draw pictures of items next to each sound that contain that letter.

Reading books and Activities: once the class teacher feels your child is ready, they will receive a reading record and book. Please share your child’s reading book with them as often as possible. If you could sign and comment each time, we would greatly appreciate it. Reading books will be changed twice in the week on a rolling programme.

Weekly Homework:


Take a peek at Reception’s learning journey so far…

Eating school dinner

The children have settled into school so well and have been trying hard with carrying their trays, cutting up their food and trying new things. These can sometimes be tricky things to do and we are very proud of all the children for mastering these skills.

Autumn Walk

We have been discussing the seasonal changes in autumn. We went on a walk around the school grounds to find autumn treasures and see some of the things that we discussed in the classroom.

Making apple crumble

Someone donated lots of apples to school so we decided to make some yummy apple crumble. We helped to cut up the apples, measure out the ingredients and mix it all together. We used weighing scales to help us to weigh the different ingredients. It was delicious!

Special Bonfire Sparklers

On Bonfire Night, we made some special sparklers from chocolate fingers and sprinkles. We discussed the story of Guy Fawkes and why we celebrate Bonfire Night. We also made sure we knew how to use real sparklers safely and how to stay safe on Bonfire Night.

Remembrance Day Abstract Art

As Remembrance Sunday is this month, we made some poppy pictures using different objects and materials. We used red for the leaves, black for the middle and green for the stem. We have learnt about the significance of the poppy and how it is important to remember the soldiers who fought for our country in the war.

Subtraction Game

Today we used items to learn about subtraction. We had to work together to work out the sum on the whiteboard. We put the items into the hoop and took the correct amount away in order to work out the answer. We had lots of fun!


Our Home Learning Journey…

The children have done so well adapting to their new home learning journey. We are so proud of them and all their hard work.

Phonics Fun!

Here are some of the children doing some phonics and writing activities.



Lots of the children have enjoyed baking and following recipes at home.


There has also been lots of fantastic number and shape work happening at home!

I Spy- Spring

The children have enjoyed completing their Spring I-Spy worksheets. The counted the items carefully.

St Edward’s Paste Egg Easter Eggs-travaganza!

Every year, just before the Easter holidays, St Edward’s hosts the paste egg competition. As things are a little different this year, we have hosted a ‘Just for fun’ egg display. We have received some eggcellent creations from our Reception children! We think they have eggstraordinary imaginations…

St George’s Day!

The children enjoyed watching videos about the story of St George’s Day this week. They have learnt all about George killing the dragon. They have designed some fantastic shields in order to celebrate St George’s Day.

Spreading Hope Animal Challenge

This week we had a challenge as a whole school to spread hope to our parish and school community. Reception’s task was to think of an animal that could spread hope by doing something cool. We had some lovely ideas from a donkey to ride on like Jesus to spread hope to everyone to magical, wishing unicorns.

Money Money Money!

The children have been learning all about money and the value of different coins. We have seen some fantastic activities with some of the children enjoying setting up a shop in their house to put their new knowledge into action.

What’s the time Mr Wolf?

At home, the children have been introduced to the concept of time. They have created their own clocks, focused on o’clock and half past, played time bingo, ordered the days of the week, sang the ‘days of the week song’ and looked at the different seasons of the year.