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Teacher – Mrs E Bell

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Houchen & Mrs Tranter



  • Please make sure all of your child’s clothes and shoes are clearly labelled with their name to avoid anything going missing.
  • Please remember to check your child’s file box for any letters, home school link sheets each day.
  • Please don’t hesitate to speak to any member of our team if you have an concerns/queries.

Nursery Session Times

Morning Nursery:

Drop off – 8.20
Pick up – 11.20

Afternoon Nursery:

Drop off – 12.20
Pick up – 3.20

Termly Newsletters


September 2020

A huge, big and very friendly welcome back for some of our Nursery children and a huge, big and very friendly ‘hello’ to all of our new starters! Mrs Houchen and Mrs Bell have really enjoyed catching up with the children who already attended Nursery and welcoming our new starters. The children are doing so well learning new routines and having fun making lots of new friends. Each week, check out this page for updates, photographs and Nursery news.


September 2020: Fun in the sun and water!

We’ve been really lucky with the weather since returning to Nursery. Happy sunshine and water gave us lots of fun, exploration and a little bit of splashing!

How far would the water flow? Which way would it go? Was it in a straight line or was it bendy and curvy? Was it moving fast or slow? What could we use to collect it?


Tapestry Online Learning Journey

An activation email has been sent to all the new children’s parent accounts – please check your junk folder if it hasn’t come through. If you are experiencing any difficulties, please let Mrs Bell know. Tapestry will be updated very soon – look out for the notifications!








Autumn Time!

We’ve really enjoyed listening to ‘The Very Helpful Hedgehog’ this week, about a lonely hedgehog called Isaac, and a donkey who loves apples. We went on a search outside for some leaves to make a bed for Isaac, and to collect some apples from the apple tree near the bottom of the playground. We used the apples to make and enjoy some delicious apple crumble!

Autumn Counting

We’ve been practicing our careful  counting with the apples we found on the apple-tree and the leaves we used to make our leaf-bracelets.

Isaac the Hedgehog

We’ve been having sticky fun making our own hedgehogs this week. We cut paper-plates in half to make semi-circles and painted them brown. Then we added triangle spikes and circle eyes! How many will you be able to find and count in Nursery?


Pumpkin Soup!

We used 1 pumpkin, 2 potatoes and 3 carrots (and some vegetable stock cubes), to make some delicious pumpkin soup. We helped with the cutting up and eating! It was delicious.

Come & See: Judaism

We have been learning about Hanukkah – a Jewish celebration. We heard the story about the oil in the lamp and the eight day celebration. We’ve heard about the special foods and found out about the ‘menorah’ – a special candlestick that has one tall candle in the middle, and eight smaller ones, four either side. The candles are a reminder of the eight days that the oil lasted for in the lamp, and a sign that God cares for His people and wants us to be happy. We enjoyed using foil paper, shiny ribbon and dabbers to make pictures of menorahs.

A wonderful visit to Middlesbrough Fire Station!

We were so lucky today – we got to visit Middlesbrough Fire Station! We had a lovely Autumn walk to the station. We got to see lots of exciting things, have a sit in a fire engine and even got to have a go with the hose! We’ve had lots of fun! Thank you to the staff at Middlesbrough Fire Station for making our visit such an enjoyable one!

Fire Station Role-Play Area

We have been having a fantastic time playing in the new fire station themed role-play area. We have been taking ‘999’ calls, inputting the information on the computer, getting ready to jump into the fire-engine and zoom off to lots of emergencies!



As part of ‘Black History Month’, EYFS found out about Dina Asher-Smith. We took part in  lots of running activities, watched Dina’s gold medal 200m race and looked at pictures of her gold medal. Nursery made and sent two congratulations cards with a glittery gold medal on the front to Dina. She wrote back, thanked us enormously for the cards we sent her, and sent us two autographed cards as a thank you!

Thank you Dina!

Roasting Marshmallows

As part of our learning about Bonfire Night, we’ve enjoyed taking part in a favourite tradition – roasting marshmallows over the fire-pit! We were delighted with our marshmallows, especially after being dipped in chocolate and sprinkles.

We remembered …

Nursery heard about ‘Poppy Day’ and Remembrance in November. They watched the ‘Poppies’ animation on CBeebies and heard about the poppies growing in the fields where the soldiers had been at war. They shared a quiet poppy remembrance reflection together and observed the two minute silence.

Come & See: Welcome

We have been finding out how a baby is welcomed into God’s family through the sacrament of Baptism. We went to church and found the font, the Easter candle and water. We found out that the baby is wrapped in white and the priest wears white too. Some of us took on the roles of Mummy and Daddy, God-Parents and the priest. We watched as the water was poured over the baby’s head.

“I baptise you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.”

We took turns baptising the baby in Nursery too.

Happy Birthday Pooh Bear!

We celebrated Pooh Bear’s 4th Birthday by having a party for him! We made birthday cards to give him and party hats to wear at the party! We used star cutters to make star-shaped jam sandwiches and had biscuits to share at the party. Pooh Bear had such a lovely time and really enjoyed us singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to him and blowing his number four candle out!


Twinkle Twinkle little star; how we wonder where you are?

Twinkle is a little star toy that has appeared in our Nursery. Outside, Twinkle was hiding; we had to go and find him, and use words like ‘on’, ‘up’, ‘behind’, ‘in-front’, ‘next to’, ‘under’, ‘inside’ and ‘beside’ to describe where Twinkle was hiding. Can you find him in the photographs and say where Twinkle was hiding?

Advent Prayer 

As part of our preparations during Advent, we take an Advent prayer for each class to put on their Sacred Space, to help them to get ready for Jesus’ Birthday on Christmas Day.


The ‘Nursery Rhyme Nativity’!

It was with great pleasure that the Nursery children presented the ‘Nursery Rhyme Nativity’ this week. They did an amazing job of telling the Christmas story and helping us to remember the true meaning of Christmas at this busy time of year!

We are waiting for Baby Jesus in Advent.

We used paper leaves and candles to make an Advent Wreath together. We used a hoop for the circle shape, to help us remember that God’s love for us never ends, just like a circle has no end.


Visit to Church

We went for a visit to our church this week. We have been learning about different celebrations and went to look for items in church that are used for different celebrations. We saw the font and Easter candle; we saw the main doors and the water font near the entrance. We sat on the church pews and looked at the hymn books. We saw the altar, lecturn and crucifix.

Scooping & Counting with Porridge!

We have really enjoyed playing with the dry porridge oats in the tuff-spot! Our challenge was to estimate how many scoops of porridge it would take to fill each different sized bowl. Then we checked by filling and counting. We used the number fans to show how many scoops each bowl could hold! Can you remember how many scoops could fit in the big Daddy-Bear sized bowl?

The Three Bears – Sorting by Size

We had fun in the sunshine sorting a box of objects into three boxes – small, medium and large. For each object we had to decide – is it small like Baby Bear? Middle-sized like Mummy Bear? Big like Daddy Bear?

Sunny Mark-Making

We’ve been listening to the sound at the beginning of our names and at the beginning of other words. We loved being outside on a sunny frosty morning, using lolly-sticks to draw in the frost. During the morning, the sunshine melted all the frost, so in the afternoon, we used ‘melted frost’ to mark-make with! We enjoyed listening to the story ‘Jack Frost’ first to find out where all the sparkly frost came from.


The Giant’s Song 

Click on the link below to have some fun singing the Giant’s Song together and join in with the actions:

The Giant’s Song


We ‘planted’ some magic beans in the shoe shop area. The next day a beanstalk had grown and it looks like Jack and the Giant might have visited the shoe-shop too! We think they have been looking for a new pair of shoes.

Shrove Tuesday

We have been finding out about Pancake Day and heard how it is called Shrove Tuesday. We have heard that it is the last day before Lent starts and that Ash Wednesday is the next day – the start of Lent. We have heard that Lent is the time of getting ready to celebrate Jesus’ New Life at Easter.

No Pancake Day would be complete without eating some delicious pancakes and of course, pancake races! It was a beautiful sunny day for lots of racing fun!

Spring & Growing!

The sun has started shining and spring is definitely in the air … we grabbed our magnifying glasses, binoculars and cameras and set off outside to find signs that spring is on it’s way. We had a good look at the tree in the garden and found some other things that have started to grow after the winter break.

World Book Day 2020

What a wonderful day we had, dressed up as our favourite book characters and sharing lots of stories in the Book Nook together! We love sharing books and listening to stories together. What’s  your favourite book and story?

Get Sporty with Spot!

We had lots of sporty fun with Spot the dog today, to raise lots of money for Sports Relief 2020. We teddy races, a bucket race, played hide and seek with Spot and enjoyed some music and movement with ‘Sticky Kids’!


We welcomed five tiny, but very hungry caterpillars into nursery this week! At the moment they are busy eating and have started to get bigger and bigger. We are hoping that in another week or so, they will attach themselves to the paper disc at the top of the pot, under the lid and start to build little houses around themselves. (cocoon/chrysalis) We love coming into nursery each day and using the magnifying glasses to observe their progress.

Day 4 – (they arrived on 13.3.20/Day 1)

Jasper’s Beanstalk

We planted our very own runner bean seeds this week. We are waiting for the root to emerge first and start seeking out the water in the pot. We know that the seeds need water and sunshine (warmth) to grow.

Nursery’s Very Hungry Caterpillars – Day 6 – 18.3.20

Wow – these caterpillars are certainly eating like the caterpillar from the story and growing before our eyes!

Day 8 – 20.3.20

Day 10 – 22.3.20

Jasper’s Beanstalk 

The children’s runner bean seeds are growing really well too! There are lots of single roots looking for water, and the finer roots are starting to grow too!

Day 11 – 23.3.20

Today the caterpillars decided to line up in formation! Have fun learning the ‘5 Little Caterpillar’ counting rhyme! Click here: 5 little caterpillars

Day 12 – 24.3.20

If you look really closely – the bigger caterpillars have white stripes running down their sides and the smaller ones have little white dots – amazing!

Nursery’s Beanstalks

It’s so exciting – the first leaves have started to emerge! Check out this great little time-lapse video on YouTube:   Bean Time-Lapse – 25 days | Soil cross section  do you think you can spot the seed, main root, little roots, shoot, stalk and leaves? (type the name of the video into the YouTube search bar and it should pop up)

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Click below for some online activities and ideas for nursery children:

Online Ideas for nursery children

Rainbow on your window

Lots of rainbows are appearing on windows as children across the country are trying to ‘make someone smile’. If you’ve made a rainbow for your window, we would love to see it! Upload your photos to Tapestry and ‘make lots of people smile’.

Nursery’s Beanstalks

Wow – these beanstalks are growing fast! Some of the plants now have stalks and leaves above the top of the pot. The pots are in the garden today, with Ginger & Pickles (guinea-pigs) keeping watch over them! Look how tall the beanstalks are now!

Day 13 – 25.3.20

5 little caterpillars standing in a row – don’t they know it’s bedtime – time to stop the show!

The beanstalks are NOT slowing down! Time for a ruler to check their progress: Thursday evening – just under 12cm.

Day 14 – 26.3.20

The caterpillars were very active and wriggly yesterday – so much so they mostly spent the whole day laid on the food at the bottom of their tub today!

The beanstalks however, were not resting today! Can you see how much they have grown since yesterday?

Day 15 – 27.3.20

Log-in to your Tapestry account to see which pot of beanstalks belongs to which Team/children!

Day 16 – 28.3.20

At last – one of the 5 caterpillars has started turning into a cocoon. Usually, the caterpillars have turned into cocoons by day 14. Can you see the ‘J’ shape it is hanging in?

Day 18 – 30.3.20

So, after an eventful weekend in the caterpillar pot – we now have two cocoons on the bottom of the pot – they’ve been knocked off by the other caterpillars – and two more hanging in the ‘J’ shape, turning into cocoons! Then there’s still one wriggly caterpillar left travelling around the pot – hope it doesn’t knock any more off! Can you see the pretty golden dots on the cocoon laying on the bottom of the pot?

… and look how much the beanstalks have grown over the weekend!!!

We’re going on a bear hunt!

Inspired by some of the Nursery children’s Tapestry photographs, I’d like to invite you on a bear hunt! Pop a teddy bear in one of your windows. Next time you’re out for your daily walk/exercise with your family – count how many you can spot!

Enjoy Michael Rosen performing his famous story on YouTube!

Planting out day!

The sun came out and it was time for the beanstalk plants to move outside.

Day 19 – 31.3.20

We now have 4 cocoons – 2 on the bottom of the pot, 2 hanging from the pot lid! There’s just 1 little wriggly caterpillar left now.

Day 20 – 01.4.20

The beanstalks are looking really happy in their new outside home, and have continued to grow!

The St Edward’s Paste-Egg Easter Eggs-travaganza! 

Every year, just before the Easter holidays, St Edward’s hosts the annual paste egg competition. As things are a little bit different this year, we are inviting you to join in with our ‘Just for fun’ egg display! We are looking forward to seeing your eggs-cellent creations. If you would like to take part – please upload your photo to Tapestry by Wednesday 8th April! Hope you have lots of fun taking part – we can’t wait to see your eggs-troidanary creativity at play!

Day 21 – 02.4.20

Wow! We now have 5 cocoons – 2 hanging from the lid and 3 on the floor. They need a couple of days to fully harden, then they can be moved into the butterfly habitat! Have a close look at the following photos (the photos will enlarge once clicked on), the detail and markings on the cocoons is amazing!

Holy Week & Easter Sunday

Log-in to your child’s Tapestry account to download from documents : ‘Holy Week & Easter Sunday resources, ideas and activities for young children.’

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Day 22 – 03.4.20 – Moving Day!

Today was the day that the cocoons were moved into the butterfly habitat. Three of the caterpillars ended up turning into cocoons on the floor of the pot – that is why they have now been carefully placed on a piece of kitchen towel at the bottom of the habitat. Any ‘frass’ and silk webbing was carefully removed with cotton buds first – if there is any on the cocoon when the butterfly emerges, it can damage the new wings.

Day 25 – 06.4.20 – Nursery’s Beanstalks

At the weekend, Nursery’s beanstalks were given a good water, feed and tying onto the bamboo canes. Mrs Bell also put some tape next to some of the beanstalks so we can track their growth and height!

5 Little Cocoons … 

… are still cocoons, but we know there is a lot going on inside each cocoon as the caterpillars change into a butterflies.

Caterpillar rhyme

Day 26 – 07.4.20 – Nursery’s Beanstalks

The beanstalks are doing really well, especially with all the sunshine we’ve been having! Look how much they have grown in three days next to the rainbow tape!

Nursery’s Cocoons

We are still waiting …. for the first butterfly to emerge … exciting! The Very Hungry Caterpillar stayed inside his cocoon for more than two weeks! But hopefully it will be worth the wait!

St Edward’s Paste-egg Eggs-stravaganza!

Wow – look at some of the children’s paste-egg creations – well done everyone!

A St Edward’s Family Easter Message

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Day 29 – 10.4.20 – THE FIRST BUTTERFLY!

At 2.45pm today, the first butterfly emerged! It truly is miraculous that it was just a tiny caterpillar a few weeks ago! Amazing!

Butterfly & Beanstalk Update

Wow! Butterfly No.1 emerged on Good Friday (10.4.20), followed by butterfly No.2 on Saturday, then butterfly No.3 on Easter Sunday! Butterfly No.4 emerged on Tuesday. It was a truly amazing sight – we hope you enjoy the photographs taken on release day.

The beanstalks were treated to a ‘weed & feed’ during the Easter break – they are growing well!

Nursery’s Beanstalks

Lots of sunshine and lots of watering = fast growing beanstalks! They’re getting so tall!


Nursery’s Beanstalks – 1.5.2020

Another week of watering and growing – I wonder when the flowers will start appearing – what colour do you think they are going to be?


NEW FS1 Summer Term Nursery Newsletter 2020

Summer Come and See Letter




Nursery’s Beanstalks – 14.5.2020

The beanstalks continue to grow really well! Each cane has been numbered now – pop over to Tapestry to find out how tall – or short – they are!


Nursery’s Beanstalks – 22.5.2020

Wow – the beanstalks have grown so much since last week! Beanstalk No.6 is the tallest so far at 99cm! Log-in to your Nursery Tapestry account to check out all the measurements!

Nursery’s Beanstalks – 1.6.2020

With all the watering and sunshine last week – the beanstalks have shot up! One of the beanstalks is nearly taller than me! News of the day – on Friday 29th May – the first flowers appeared!

Nursery’s Beanstalks – 26.6.2020

Wow – after a month of sunshine and lots of watering, we now have our first runner-beans growing! They are a tiny 2cm long  – a big contrast to the height of the tallest beanstalk which is approximately 215cm (7ft) tall!