Our Nursery staff are:

Teacher – Mrs E Bell

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Houchen & Mrs Tranter



  • Please make sure all of your child’s clothes and shoes are clearly labelled with their name to avoid anything going missing.
  • Please remember to check your child’s file box for any letters, home school link sheets each day.
  • Please don’t hesitate to speak to any member of our team if you have an concerns/queries.

Nursery Session Times

Morning Nursery:

Drop off – 8.20
Pick up – 11.20

Afternoon Nursery:

Drop off – 12.20
Pick up – 3.20

Termly Newsletters

New Autumn Term 2020 FS1


November 2020

Nursery remembers …

We heard about Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day. We heard about the poppies that grew in the fields once the fighting had stopped and watched ‘Poppies’ on the CBeebies iPlayer. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b04p4zsl/poppies  The children made a poppy to place on a photograph of their hands. We observed the two-minute silence on Wednesday as part of a ‘Remembrance Liturgy’.


We really enjoyed watching the London New Year fireworks display – what a lot of colours, shapes and sounds! We were inspired to use paint and different tools to create different lines and fireworks to create a firework painting.

We’ve also enjoyed using the ‘faces’ of some of our outside foam blocks to work together to create some 2D shape rockets! How many shapes can you name?


Peg-prickles Counting

We’ve been practicing our careful counting with hedgehog ‘peg-prickles’!

October 2020

Tapestry Online Learning Journey

Autumn Term 1 observations were published on Friday 23rd October.

Black History Month

We have been listening to and sharing ‘Coming to England’ by Floella Benjamin & ‘So Much!’ by Trish Cooke. Floella tells the story of her coming to England from Trindad when she was 10 years old. Her story reminds us that we should always be kind to everyone, and that we are all different and special in our own unique way.


Drumming Outdoors

We had lots of noisy-fun banging our beaters on different objects and surfaces outside! We used our ears to listen carefully and try and describe the sounds we made. Then we decided if each sound was loud or quiet.

Outside Mark-Making

We have really enjoyed using a paintbrush and water to track some autumn coloured lines. We could choose from a wavy, zig-zag or spiral line to follow. We had to look really carefully to stay on the line!

St Edward’s Feast Day

We celebrated St Edward’s feast day on Tuesday, 13th October. We heard all about King Edward the kind king and how he loved God so much. We looked at pictures of our school saint; looked at the crown on our school uniform and enjoyed using shiny collage bits to make a crown to wear home! We’ve put a picture of St Edward on our Sacred Space in Nursery and added a prayer to our collective worship:

St Edward; pray for us.


Come & See: Myself

We enjoyed playing ‘Who’s in the middle of the circle?’ to try and learn everyone’s name!

Autumn Discovery

We have been fascinated to explore the autumn treasures in the tuff-spot. We have been learning lots of new words to describe what we can see and feel and have used the magnifying glasses to get a really good look at the different finds.


September 2020

‘Year of the Word’ 

This week, we have learnt about the bible and that it has two parts – an old part with stories about God; and a new part with lots of stories about Jesus. We listened to Noah’s Ark first and enjoyed learning ‘The Animals went in two by two.’ We had lots of fun making an ark outside and using the hose-pipe to ‘make it rain’ and create a flood. We listened to a story from Matthew’s Gospel about the children going to see Jesus; ‘Let the little children come to me.’ We enjoyed drawing a picture of ourselves near a picture of Jesus.


Are you a ‘good listener?’

We’ve been learning what to do to be a ‘good listener’. We went into different parts of EYFS to use our listening ears carefully. What do you think we heard?


Fun in the sun and water!

We’ve been really lucky with the weather since returning to Nursery. Happy sunshine and water gave us lots of fun, exploration and a little bit of splashing!

How far would the water flow? Which way would it go? Was it in a straight line or was it bendy and curvy? Was it moving fast or slow? What could we use to collect it?














Nursery heard about ‘Poppy Day’ and Remembrance in November. They watched the ‘Poppies’ animation on CBeebies and heard about the poppies growing in the fields where the soldiers had been at war. They shared a quiet poppy remembrance reflection together and observed the two minute silence.