Collective Worship

At St. Edward’s, Christ is at the centre of all of our thoughts and actions. Collective Worship allows us all – children, staff, parents and parishioners – to come together to know, serve and love God.

Whole School Collective Worship
Every other week, one class in school leads our Collective Worship on Monday morning. This is closely linked with the liturgical year, whether it be the Gospel of the week or a particular, upcoming feast day.

Mrs Brown leads our worship on the alternate Mondays.

Key Stage Worship
Each Wednesday, the children’s worship is supported by The Wednesday Word and is lead by children and teachers. (Please see The Wednesday Word page on our website for more information).

Class Worship
The children plan, lead and participate in their own class worship each week. Teachers in school model good practice and facilitate the children’s experiences of worship and prayer.

It is important that we all look to children as having an important role to play in leading our faith communities; Christ himself said, “Let the little children come to me” (Matthew 19:4), welcoming them as models of faith – and so should we.

Parent Liturgies
Parents’ Liturgies will take place throughout the school year.  These will take place in the school hall. Please arrive for 9am if you would like to plan this liturgy with the children or at 9:15am if you would just like to participate in the liturgy itself.

See the information below for dates of upcoming liturgies.

The children are invited to spend some time in our school chapel.  It is a beautiful place at the front of the school where the children can come and say a quiet prayer or spend some time reflecting.


Collective Worship and Assembly Timetable
Monday: Whole School Collective Worship @ 9:00 am

Tuesday: Class Liturgy

Wednesday: The “Wednesday Word”  KS1 Worship @ 9:00am and KS2 Worship @ 9:30 am

Thursday: Class Liturgy

Friday: Whole School Collective Worship and Celebration Assembly @ 10:00 am